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Sylvia von Harden - German journalist and poet. Subject of a famous painting by Otto Dix.

'I must paint you! I simply must! … You are representative of an entire epoch!'

‘So, you want to paint my lacklustre eyes, my ornate ears, my long nose, my thin lips; you want to paint my long hands, my short legs, my big feet—things which can only scare people off and delight no-one?’

‘You have brilliantly characterized yourself, and all that will lead to a portrait representative of an epoch concerned not with the outward beauty of a woman but rather with her psychological condition.’

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October 07, 2014

GUEST POST: MIKO-Chicago Musical Artist

Singing and making art have always been things I innately do and the exploration of my practices has majorly influenced the things I wear and how I express myself on an exterior level. For the past few months, as I’ve been trying to delve deeper into my own aesthetic and means of culture, I’ve found that oftentimes I create my best reality when I am logged off and out of others’ realities. What this means is that I’ve stopped thumbing through the web and its over-saturation of thoughts and trends and started thumbing through books and figuring out the things that interest me. I believe curating yourself is necessary to develop a higher taste level. If we’re all on the Internet looking at each other - as we already are - our tastes and interests are indubitably bound to conform. As our individual taste levels begin to transform into one collective entity, we begin to stop pushing each other forward stylistically, as we already are seeing and experiencing in an onset of heavy nostalgia. Normcore, nineties wave and health-goth is the same as pop-punk, trip-hop and EDM; all of them essentially just being remixes of stylistic elements from the past. The challenge in a time where “nothing is new” is not just to copy and paste, as the age of technology, has made us so used to doing. Great artists steal but the genius is the one most like himself.

A collective project ft. Miko with photography by Vanessa & Adriana